Community Managed-Areas

Community Managed-Areas

COMMUNITY MANAGED-AREAS is a communal land management system that is managed in a participatory based on local wisdom, culture, and customary values held by a community concerning environmental sustainability and biodiversity within it, including the sustainability of natural resources and human life. Human rights and the environment are necessary points that form the basis of CMA.

Returning the right for the community to manage their areas is one of Save Our Borneo's (SOB) goals. From the current developments, deforestation is increasingly massive, and the forest management system is not by the side of the community, except for government interests and investment. Then, the scheme offered by CMA is more promising for Earth's sustainability.

"There is no forest management system as good as what indigenous people have used so far," said Muhammad Habibi, SOB Executive Director. This belief carries the spirit of efforts to encourage SOB and the community together to continue the works of CMA in Borneo for the sake of better human and natural survival.

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Community Managed-Areas


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