Deforestation means forests logging in the Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language. This meaning is too narrow compared to the facts which found in the field. Since in reality, deforestation is not only about felling something or just a tree. All activities which include destroying and even changing the sustainability of forests to living things and the biodiversity that integrates into them are the real deforestation that we experience these days.

Looking at year after year, the variety and impact of these activities get bigger, more complex, and more diverse. The rate of deforestation seems to be in line with investment development and growth, especially in the extractive and modern development sectors. However, it is inversely proportional to the rate of forest growth.

Reported to the article of BBC News Indonesiabased on research led by the University of Bristol in England collaborated with an international team, they research the three biggest tropical forests in the world which are Amazon, Central Africa, and Borneo by using satellite data. As a result, they found that the destruction of the ecosystems has far outpaced the regrowth of trees.


It is not a strange thing when see the expanse of oil palm trees in Borneo which replaces the existence of protected rainforest covering. The changes in land contour that is usually flat or hilly into gaping mining pits are also common to find. The rivers become narrow and even shallow so they easily overflow during the rainy season, which has become an annual event in recent times.

Borneo which was once known as the world's lungs, is now barely even able to maintain the lung for itself. One example is the deforestation in Central Borneo.

In their article, stated that Central Borneo’s forests look mighty but porous in reality. They noted that from the 15.3 million hectares of Central Borneo, 11.2 million hectares will be converted to various types of businesses. Only 4.1 million hectares of land remain. It is also designated as a residential area, community gardens, and other managed areas.

Then, what will happen to our Borneo in the future? Long before we think about the future, we must face the current fact that Borneo is no longer the lungs of the world. Deforestation for any reason and form has changed the conditions today.

We have to stop this deforestation now.

Join us, Save Our Borneo, in efforts to save Borneo from the threats of deforestation. Stop Deforestation.

Stop Deforestasi. Save Our Borneo.


Conversion or functional shift of natural forests for various purposes in Borneo continues to occur at a very fast pace.


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