Tentang Kami

Save Our Borneo is a non-governmental organization [NGO], formed at a meeting of the 4 Executive WALHI [Friends Of The Earth Indonesia] Kalimantan regional in Banjarbaru on 17-19 July 2005. Intended to be a network of interconnected movements in Kalimantan and can work anywhere in Kalimantan / Borneo

Vision : People should give and have freedom to determine and choose what their need in order people need is the main things than other.

Mission : to ensure that Kalimantan will manage in democratic and fair through good governance and with respect to human rights, local people indigenous wisdom and also care to sustainable life for people and among generation.

Strategies :

  1. Legally, influence and involved in decision-making.
  2. Working together with people group in supremacy and people sovereignty in determines and make sure the sustainable of source life.
  3. Strengthening people capacity in strategic analyze planning.
  4. Conducting “propaganda” in natural management assets based of people need.
  5. Collecting and preparing data, documentation and information.
  6. Developing network and partnerships with all stakeholders that potential to support in reach the goal of SAVE KALIMANTAN in dimensions of ecology, geo-politic and local wisdom.

If you would like to know more about Save Our Borneo, please send us a message. Our team deeply appreciate your suggestions as well as constructive criticism. We kindly ask for your understanding that we are not always able to answer immediately.